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Looking for a magician?
Then you are right with me. As a professional magician, I offer exceptional entertainment for your guests.
Whether for private or formal occasions: With me your event will be a complete success.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

My customers are the most important persons for me. It goes without saying, that not only my show will be exciting and entertaining but also the complete cooperation with me will be professional. I belief so firmly in these principles, that I offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your guests aren’t astonished and entertained I will waive my fee.
As so far my clients and my audience were always very satisfied, this guarantee has never been used.

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Sie haben unsere Feier zu etwas ganz Besonderem gemacht und uns alle im wortwörtlichen Sinn verzaubert  – DANKE!
Ich bin mir auch ganz sicher, dass wir uns wiedersehen – wir empfehlen Sie bei jeder Gelegenheit begeistert weiter.

Ina Witzany

Training & Consulting

…wir haben so viele positive Rückmeldung bekommen. Allen Gästen hat es wirklich sehr gut gefallen und die Zeit ist durch dich wirklich schnell vergangen. Unsere Gäste waren so begeistert, du hast sie sprichwörtlich verzaubert – und auch noch zu Diskussionen am Abend bzw. in den nächsten Tagen geführt…

Marion & Martin Tiefenbacher

ein glückliches Brautpaar

Dein Auftritt hat uns allen sehr gut gefallen! Die Kinder haben sogar so begeistert in der Schule berichtet, dass mich die Lehrerin persönlich angerufen und um den Kontakt gebeten hat! Sehr gerne empfehle ich dich weiter!

Evelyn Gold

Mama des Geburtstagskindes

about me

My name is Philipp Kainz I am a professional magician from Vienna. Although I live in Vienna, I perform in whole Austria and any other country when needed. I do magic since my childhood. I love to perform for people, entertain and astonish them. To present my youdience finest magic, I constantly research for innovative ideas and educate myself constantly. I would love to entertain you soon.































































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Philipp Kainz - magician vienna

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If you want to give your next event a magical touch, you are absolutely right with me. Whether in private or official framework, for children or adults: I’ll make sure you and your guests a magical time. Iconjure since my childhood and the passion for the magic to me to this day. It’s great fun to bring people together, to entertain them and to astonish. To achieve this, I constantly educate myself further, constantly dealing with modern techniques, do research for innovative ideas and thinking up new tricks to keep my repertoire for my audience exciting.

What can you expect? A perfectly tailored to your program that will allow you and your guests will experience unforgettable moments.
Where I step on? I live in Vienna and conjure throughout Austria. At all other places like negotiable.
Can you customize the program? Of course, the program is customized to you. For every occasion there is a suitable program.
How high are the costs? The costs please refer to the program.
To ask? Take contact with me. For a free consultation I will be available at any time.

I would love to do my next magicshow for you

Your magician in vienna

If you want to give your next event a magical touch, you need magician Philipp Kainz. Whether at corporate parties, birthdays, weddings or Polterabenden whether in private or official context, whether as Begrüßungsgag or entertainment whether for children or adults: I’ll make sure you and your guests will experience a magical time.

Philipp Kainz your magician in vienna

I cast from my childhood and the passion for the magic to me to this day. It’s great fun to bring people together, to entertain them and to astonish. I’m dying for the magic and it is for me as magician and magicians the greatest joy to experience how the sparks and captivating audiences catches fire. To achieve this, I constantly educate myself further. I constantly deal with modern techniques, do research for innovative ideas and thinking up new tricks to keep my repertoire for my audience exciting. My audience is for me as sorcerers and magicians in the first place, so my specialty is the close-up magic and kids magic. These are for me the most attractive forms of magic, because the magician presents here the tricks in the immediate vicinity of audience. The audience will be involved in the effects which it experienced any magic show and every feat as unique.

magician vienna, illusionist vienna, kids magician vienna – Philipp Kainz is the right choise

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Vienna is the home city of magicians, children’s magician, wizard children u. Mage Philipp Kainz, so he appears as a magician Vienna Mage Vienna, kids magician, wizard children and Magicians Vienna, as well as a magician Wien environment, children spell Vienna surrounding Mage Vienna environment and magicians Wien environment wizard Austria, kids magician magician Austria Austria, Austria magicians on. Magician Philipp Kainz also known as Children magician Philipp Kainz, born and raised in Vienna is a magician Vienna Mage Vienna and Magicians Vienna, kids magician Vienna and also as a magician Vienna surrounding Mage Vienna environment and Magicians Wien environment, children sorcerers Wien environment wizard Austria, Mage Austria, Austria magician, kids magician Austria available for you anytime. After consultation, he also performs as a magician Lower Austria, on Magicians Lower Austria and magicians Lower Austria, children sorcerers Lower Austria, magicians Burgenland Mage Burgenland, children sorcerers Burgenland and Magicians Burgenland, magicians Styria Mage Styria, magician Styria, kids magician Styria or throughout Austria. If desired, I step course than wizards Lower Austria, magician Lower Austria, children sorcerers Lower Austria and magicians Lower Austria, magicians Burgenland Mage Burgenland, children sorcerers Burgenland and Magicians Burgenland, magicians Styria Mage Styria, magician Styria, kids magician Styria or throughout Austria , No matter where you are in, magician Philipp Kainz You can always book. Of course, as children sorcerers. You can book him from where you want – when you hire a magician, children rent magician or want to hire a magician you are exactly right with Philipp Kainz. With magician / sorcerer children Philipp Kainz. you are always on the safe side when it comes to exciting entertainment. As children magician for a children’s birthday so you can enjoy it, of course. As children magician he enchants children and tinkering balloon animals and magic each child a smiling face. It goes without saying that the magicians of every adult conjures a smile in the face. Philipp Kainz is a magician, magician and magician, but also a children’s magician, body and soul. As magicians Vienna, Vienna magician, magicians Vienna and children sorcerers Vienna he has wholeheartedly embraced the magic prescribed. You can find detailed information about Vienna here:

Magician in vienna needed? Nedd a kids magician?

Philipp Kainz is right for you sorcerers and magicians for any occasion. This wizard is suitable for any occasion. Whether for a party or a celebration, a celebration or a special birthday. a Christmas party, a company party, a club celebration, a children’s birthday party or a club party – that’s just right for magician Philipp Kainz. there is not only an event in which it is conjured up to Christmas and New Year, you can share in the magic of magician Philipp Kainz for Christmas and New Year. He likes to conjure up in the carnival. Philipp Kainz was born in Vienna in 1984 and is therefore in the best age to act as a magician and magician at your event. Be it an anniversary or a wedding, a company party or a conference, no matter what the occasion – Philipp Kainz will be happy to enchant. Celebrate a silver wedding, or even a golden wedding? If you celebrate a birthday, you are also right. Magician Philipp Kainz it will be a pleasure to present you an amusing magic show. As a mage and magician he is delighted at such solemn festivals for you to zaubern.Selbst outdoors, so open air he conjures happy. A summer party, a barbecue or a party for any occasion such as a carnival party are with Philipp Kainz, the magician from Vienna a special event. He also enjoys performing at a birthday party as a magician or magician. Book the Magician, magician and magician Philipp Kainz today. The magician Vienna, Vienna magician and conjurer Vienna will enchant you.

magicianc competition

Like everywhere there are also sorcerers and magicians competitions. Most wizards are in a magic club and these are mostly turn into a magician Association. There are both local and international competitions magician. At competitions not only magicians and conjurers compete against each other, but also children sorcerers and magicians, mentalists and magicians table. Wizard of all divisions of magic compete in their respective disciplines. Philipp Kainz, the magician from Vienna, nor participated in any magic competition, but he could already excel at numerous championships in fencing and achieve amazing results. You could read this on this page. Besides his work as magicians, sorcerers and magicians of Magicians Vienna, Vienna magician and conjurer Vienna operates fencing with passion. In this sport he has acquired an elegant and tricky, almost magical fencing stalk. As a mage, magician or sorcerer Philipp Kainz exits not only in Vienna but on request throughout Austria and beyond its borders. Mage Vienna, Vienna Magicians and sorcerers Vienna are only a few keywords under which you sorcerers and magicians Philipp Kainz found in the Vienna area.

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He may recommend prospective magic following sites: Search for: Philipp Kainz, magicians Vienna Mage Vienna, magician Vienna, magician and balloon artist, Magic Club of Vienna, magicians Vienna, Amusing Deceptions, kids magician, kids magician Vienna and ZauberDelikatEssen. Would they appraise the arts its charming sisters then also still looking for Nina Kainz and Esther Kainz. His sister Esther Kainz goes her artistic talent to a ballet teacher in ballet Institute Ballettratten while his other sister Nina Kainz a true magician is when it comes to the production of the finest tailors. Magician recommendations: “The Handbook of magic” or “Tarbell’s Course in Magic” are highly recommended spell books. For literature fans can Philipp Kainz Goethe ballad “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” Pronounce as a recommendation, which is one of the most famous poems of the gifted writer. Can you recommend something the sorcerer, magician and magician perhaps? Or you might have a recommendation for the kids magician Philipp Kainz? Do not hesitate and write Philipp Kainz your recommendation and recommendations. The sorcerer, magician and conjurer from Vienna will be pleased with your recommendations! Of course, even the magician / sorcerer children Philipp pleased a recommendation. The best magicians from Vienna or the best child sorcerers from Vienna, for example, would a very nice recommendation. As Magicians Vienna Philipp Kainz is as much artistic work such as a wizard or mage Vienna Vienna and would be if you could also recommend it as a wizard or magician, or even as a magician or sorcerer children. Magicians and sorcerers as well as Magicians of your recommendations and your reputation. Philipp Kainz is always ready to make your recommendation as a magician Vienna, Vienna conjurer and magician Vienna and of course to your recommendation as a child magician Vienna.

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Should you even more tags have noticed, have by what you Magician, magician, children sorcerers and magicians Philipp Kainz found do not hesitate and make a recommendation for the list above from. Here again the most important tags: magician, magicians Vienna, Philipp Kainz, magicians Vienna, magicians, magician, Best Magician Austria, Best magician Austria, Best Magician Austria, magician Philipp Kainz, magician Philipp Kainz, magician Philipp Kainz, magician Vienna, kids magician , children sorcerers Vienna, magician children, kids magician Austria, magic Club of Vienna, magic Delikat Essen also written ZauberDelikatEssen, Amusing deceptions, best magician, best magicians, best magician, best children’s magician, kids magician, kids magician Vienna, good magician Vienna or best magicians Vienna. Philipp Kainz occurs as a magician and magician Wien Wien or Vienna magician or sorcerer children Vienna but also in Austria or even better throughout Europe. If it is possible for him, he shall even worldwide. The magician Vienna – regionally and internationally. Current information about Vienna can be found here: Vienna To get ahead in Vienna: Vienna and here you still have a couple more details: Wien Wien Wien

Magic artist Philipp Kainz

As sorcerers and magicians, he regularly in a hotel, on a birthday party, a party or other festive occasions. When Magic Gala “Na Sowas” he may even as a magician and conjurer spent Volkstheater staggered the audience as a magician in amazement. A card trick or coin trick, a floating cigarette or even a floating ring, are for the sorcerers and magicians always amusing deceptions with which he amazed his audience and entertains. With rubber bands and bills the magician and magician shows impossible transformations, illusions, penetrations and curiosities of all kinds. Amusing Deceptions is incidentally also the title of the program, the ZauberDelikatEssen at Hotel Stefanie, where Philipp Kainz regularly as a magician, magician and conjurer guests enchanted. The Hotel Stefanie upset with his magic evenings at the amazed and enchanted be. The magician Vienna, Vienna magician and conjurer Vienna – Philipp Kainz looking forward even once in the magic Delikat Essen or ZauberDelikatEssen to enchant. You will certainly also pleased to experience this Wizards live with one or the other magician and conjurer.

The story about magicians

What you should know about the magic. Why are there really still people who become sorcerers or magicians in a world that is already so much ruled by technology, nor the desire cherish. Did yet many of today we take for granted things that people who are born 150 years ago, but believe that we could nowadays all magic. but magician and magician can do things that would not be possible with the latest technology. Thus, a magician and conjurer z. B .: guess an imaginary word, or find a map, which is in a card game, is, which had been mixed by a spectator. The Wizard can change the color of objects, enchant, disappear and appear blank. For a wizard it is to make a light, torn cards back all or penetrating objects. Is it with so many skills not desirable even a magician to be. Magician Philipp Kainz is his life desiring wizard pursued to be to present itself to you today as a sorcerer, magician, magicians and children sorcerers. A magician not only makes his magic, but also his charm and his “abusive”, his ability to entertain people to inspire them and provide grant as sorcerers and magicians fabulous hours. Often magicians are associated with spells. Abracadabra and Hocus Pocus are ranked at the top places of the wizard. Magician Philipp Kainz used quite like Philippzilipp, but it comes closer to his appearances as a child magician used. As wizards for a company party is mostly dispensed spells. You need a magician in Vienna, or perhaps need them a magician in Vienna? Philipp Kainz is the Wizard from Vienna. As magicians, conjurers and magicians can book him of course and attend his illusions close. A magician is an unforgettable magical experience not only in Vienna.

famous magicians

Famous sorcerers and magicians have to distinguish between real people and fictitious people. For example, the Wizard of Oz is certainly a household name, but this mage only the main character of a children’s book and not a magician. Quite contrary to magician Philipp Kainz, which also maintains a child sorcerer Philipp Kainz his audience. Even otherwise it looks as from when magicians and escape artist Harry Houdini, who came in the 19th century in Budapest to the world. He was a star of magic, reaching not only among conjurers and magicians high reputation. Whether he was the best magician in the world is difficult to measure, so it is still mostly in the eye of the beholder, who is now considered as the best magician in the world. It is certain that Houdini would have certainly had a right to the title of “Best magician in the world”, so its best grand illusions are presented worldwide by magicians today. But there were also lesser-known magician and conjurer. These illusionists had to be very talented. For example, Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin was a famous magician from France, the escape artist Houdini inspired its name. This born in 1805 became famous magician with a magic show in which he could “feel” objects in the hands of his father, while his eyes were covered. Another famous name was again Harry Blackstone, Sr. He was a true gentleman. Its elegant appearance, he painted with sensational tricks. So he was not only birds, but also the corresponding cages disappear and sawed a woman screaming. These feats he surpassed even with a floating light bulb. Philipp Kainz levitates among others cigarettes, rings, bills and more. Cards and ticks can Münzkunststücke Philipp Kainz quite outstanding, with whom he will be happy to amaze and enchant. Bills are transformed into larger bills and coins disappear and appear in the most unexpected places again. With Philipp Kainz, even among wizards Vienna to find, you will always experience a good time. His magic tricks and magic tricks will prepare you extra fun. Famous magician Vienna? Famous magician Vienna? Famous magician Vienna? Philipp Kainz the magician, kids magician and conjurer is known by many as a magician or sorcerer children. His illusions staggered countless people in amazement and delight. Magicians and wizards enjoy a most magical and enchanting reputation alongside magicians and children sorcerers.

Magic for children

In the Kids Magic, the children Wizard ensures that actually every child a smile is magic in the face. The magic tricks are designed specifically for children and very visual. This ensures that even really any child who sees a magician makes a great experience and really believe in the magic. Philipp Kainz is a very ambitious kids magician from Vienna, thus ensuring on any children’s party for the most fun. Philipps spell is: “Philippzilipp”! Various realizations of Philip spell: Philippzilipp – Phillippzillipp – Phillippzilipp – Philippzillipp- Philippzilipp – Phillipzillip – Filipzilip – Fillipzillip – Philipp Zilipp – Phillip Zillip – Filip Zilip – Fillipp Zillipp – Fillipp Zilipp – Fillip Zillip – Filip Zilip Die richtige Schreibweise lautet allerdings: Philippzilipp

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Various realizations of Philipp’s spell:  Philippzilipp – Phillippzillipp – Phillippzilipp – Philippzillipp- Philippzilipp – Phillipzillip – Filipzilip – Fillipzillip – Philipp Zilipp – Phillip Zillip – Filip Zilip – Fillipp Zillipp – Fillipp Zilipp – Fillip Zillip – Filip Zilip Teh correct writing is: Philippzilipp

Zauberer Philipp Kainz Zauberer Wien Magier Wien Zauberkünstler Wien Zauberer Kinderzauberer Wien

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Philipp Kainz – Zauberer, Magier und Zauberkünstler
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