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Philipp Kainz - charmante Zauberkunst aus Wien

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You want first class entertainment for your event? Then you are right with me. As a professional magician I can provie a perfomance solution that will amaze and entertain your important guests. Wether finest closeup magic or a standupshow, my magic will turn your event into  full success.  
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100% satisfaction guaranteed

My customers are the most important persons for me. It goes without saying, that not only my show will be exciting and entertaining but also the complete cooperation with me will be professional. I belief so firmly in these principles, that I offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your guests aren’t astonished and entertained I will waive my fee. As so far my clients and my audience were always very satisfied, this guarantee has never been used.
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Sie haben unsere Feier zu etwas ganz Besonderem gemacht und uns alle im wortwörtlichen Sinn verzaubert  – DANKE! Ich bin mir auch ganz sicher, dass wir uns wiedersehen – wir empfehlen Sie bei jeder Gelegenheit begeistert weiter. Ina Witzany

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…wir haben so viele positive Rückmeldung bekommen. Allen Gästen hat es wirklich sehr gut gefallen und die Zeit ist durch dich wirklich schnell vergangen. Unsere Gäste waren so begeistert, du hast sie sprichwörtlich verzaubert – und auch noch zu Diskussionen am Abend bzw. in den nächsten Tagen geführt… Marion & Martin Tiefenbacher

ein glückliches Brautpaar

Dein Auftritt hat uns allen sehr gut gefallen! Die Kinder haben sogar so begeistert in der Schule berichtet, dass mich die Lehrerin persönlich angerufen und um den Kontakt gebeten hat! Sehr gerne empfehle ich dich weiter! Evelyn Gold

Mama des Geburtstagskindes


My Standupshow is an excellent show insert for your event. The tricks are very visual, so this show is also suitable for a wider audience. The duration of the performance may be from 10 to 60 minutes and are also suitable to be split into several blocks. The standupshow is also suitable to be combined with my closeup magic. So the magical theme runs like a thread through your event.

closeup magic

Closeupmagic, also known as tablehopping ormix and mingle magic, is a very intimate form of magic. I approach my audience at their tables and will perform rigth in front of them. This is the royal discipline of magic. This form of magic is well suited for occasions with an smaller audinese or during the couses of a meal. Closeup magic is well suited to be combined with my standupshow. The benefits of closeupmagic are, that ou do not need a soundsystem and a stage.


My stage show is an excellent suited for large events. The tricks are very visual, so they are still very well visible from the rear seats. My tricks are carefully selected and your guests will not only be amazed but also entertained in a fun way. The stageshow can be easily combined with my closeupmagic.

about me

My name is Philipp Kainz I am a professional magician from Vienna. Although I live in Vienna, I perform in whole Austria and any other country when needed. I do magic since my childhood. I love to perform for people, entertain and astonish them. To present my youdience finest magic, I constantly research for innovative ideas and educate myself constantly. I would love to entertain you soon.